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Scale-up Systems only employs experts in their field.

Project Support Expertise

Scale-up Systems support staff all have PhDs in Chemistry or Chemical Engineering and experience of using experimentation and modelling to create project wins in the pharmaceutical industry.
In an independent Customer Satisfaction Survey in 2010, 93% of users rated DynoChem support either 'excellent' or 'great'.

Training Expertise

DynoChem has been successfully rolled out across global organisations, at individual sites for groups and for individual users. DynoChem trainers have developed hands-on, modularised training courses for scientists and engineers based on industrially relevant projects to many groups in R&D and Manufacturing.

Software Development Expertise

Continual development of DynoChem to meet customer requirements is driven by a team of developers with expertise in User Interface Design, Product Development, Database Design and Application Deployment.

LinkedIn CEO – Dr Joe Hannon

Joe has a background in reaction modelling. He has worked with many of the world's leading chemical and pharmaceutical companies, providing them with consultancy and tools.

Simon Brooke interviews Joe Hannon at the London User Meeting.

LinkedIn COO – Dr Steve Hearn

Steve has a background in the effect of mixing on reactions. He has provided consultancy and solutions to many of the world's leading pharmaceutical and chemical companies.

Paul Thomas interviews Steve Hearn at the Chicago User Meeting.

LinkedIn CTO – Stephen Booth

With nearly 25 years of international experience in information technology and management consultancy, Stephen has led and delivered solutions in a wide range of industries including clinical research, process control, telecoms and financial services. Responsible for leading the development and technical operations teams, Stephen works closely with other members of the management team to help define the evolutionary pathways for the Scale-up products. A fluent French speaker, he has a degree in Physics and Electronics from Rhodes University, South Africa.

LinkedIn Principal Consultant – Dr Andrew Bird

Andrew has been involved with DynoChem since its inception and leads global customer support. Andrew has provided support to users on hundreds of reaction, workup and isolation steps and has a direct input to development of user tools, physical properties and vessel utilities.  

Interview with Dr Andrew Bird

LinkedIn Principal Consultant – Dr Peter Clark

Peter leads customer implementation projects with major pharma customers. Peter has a PhD in chemical engineering and worked as an Assistant Professor at Cornell University and a Process Modeling Specialist at Dow Chemical, before joining DynoChem, Inc. from Aspen Technology, Inc. in 2007.

LinkedIn Principal Consultant – Dr Wilfried Hoffmann

Wilfried has over 28 years experience working in the pharmaceutical industry, most recently with Pfizer in the UK and Germany. Wilfried has a PhD in Organic Chemistry from Ruhr-Universität Bochum and has a special interest in Thermochemical Kinetics.

LinkedIn Principal Consultant – Dr Sanket Salgaonkar

Sanket has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from ICT, Mumbai (formerly UDCT) and has worked at Michigan State University, Larsen and Toubro and with IndiaSoft Technologies before joining Scale-up Systems India. His research focus has been application of green engineering principles and mathematical modeling of chemical processes. Sanket shares his wide experience of experimentation, analysis and kinetic modeling with DynoChem users, supporting them to make informed decisions on scale-up and related issues.

LinkedIn Systems Architect – Alan Tolan

Alan has 20 years experience in software development and is responsible for defining and managing both product architectures and in-house development processes. 

LinkedIn Senior Developer – Bernhard Gaul

Bernhard has a background in User Experience Engineering for Software and development of Rich Internet Applications. At the core of his approach is a thorough understanding that for software to be successful it must not only be functionally sound but also easy to use and deploy, taking into account the specific needs of a target audience and deployment issues in big regulated companies.

LinkedIn User Interface Developer – Ciaran Murphy

Ciaran leads the user interface design of products in Scale-up Systems. This involves analyzing and optimizing the usability of our products, their workflow and information layout as well as designing their graphical 'look & feel'. Ciaran has a background in Industrial Design & HCI and has worked on diverse user experience projects including Interactive TV, Laser Machining, Machine Vision and Industrial Process Control.

LinkedIn Senior Developer – Aidan Keating

Aidan is a Chartered Chemist with 20 years experience in Software & Information Systems. Aidan’s areas of expertise include Information Management & Data Systems within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. This is coupled with software development in COM and .NET using languages such as VB, Delphi, Java, C++ and C#. Some of Aidan’s particular interests include Factorial Analysis and Experimental Design as well as Software Modelling and Semantic Web Services.

Want to Know More?

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Central European generic API organization implements DynoChem for process development and scale-up. [March-2014]

US-based CMO selects DynoChem for scale-up projects. [Feb-2014]

Belgium-based CMO chooses DynoChem as their chemical engineering tool. [Jan-2014]

Boston-based pharmaceutical company deploys DynoChem for scale-up projects. [Dec-2014]

Irish primary manufacturing site of multinational leading API producer implements DynoChem for use with PAT projects for process optimization. [Oct-13]

Japanese pharmaceutical company selects DynoChem for reaction modeling and scale-up projects. [Oct-13]

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