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Scale-up Systems Ltd. is a privately held technology company founded in 1994, owned by executives, staff and institutional investors.

The early history of Scale-up Systems is as a process consultancy organisation and innovator in software development for chemical reactions and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

DynoChem was originally developed at Zeneca in the mid-1990s by Frans Muller under the leadership of Keith Carpenter. The project was initiated because no commercially-available software existed to meet the team's requirements of:

  • Multi-phase reaction modelling
  • A familiar user interface that any data could be brought into quickly
  • Minimizing the need to write equations so it could be used by any scientist or engineer

Following its successful application to a range of consulting and troubleshooting projects, Scale-up Systems acquired the full rights to commercialize, develop and support DynoChem in 2000.

Today Scale-up Systems is dedicated to producing the best software, training and support for the pharmaceutical and related industries to accelerate process development and to facilitate right first time scale-up and continuous improvement in API manufacturing.

An example of Scale-up Systems commitment to the pharmaceutical industry is sponsorship of the AIChE Award for Excellence in QbD (Quality by Design) for Drug Substance.

Scale-up Systems hosts a software development team at its Headquarters in Dublin, Ireland and has a global reach, with a growing team of support, training and sales personnel in North America, Europe and India.

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New South-African scale-up laboratory deploys DynoChem. [Aug-2014]

Mexican generic API facility implements DynoChem. [Aug-2014]

Boston-based API pharmaceutical company chooses DynoChem for unit operation modeling and tech transfer. [May-2014]

Multi-national CMO deploys DynoChem to chemists and engineers for process development and scale-up. [Apr-2014]

Central European generic API organization implements DynoChem for process development and scale-up. [March-2014]

US-based CMO selects DynoChem for scale-up projects. [Feb-2014]

Belgium-based CMO chooses DynoChem as their chemical engineering tool. [Jan-2014]

Boston-based pharmaceutical company deploys DynoChem for scale-up projects. [Dec-2014]

Irish primary manufacturing site of multinational leading API producer implements DynoChem for use with PAT projects for process optimization. [Oct-13]

Japanese pharmaceutical company selects DynoChem for reaction modeling and scale-up projects. [Oct-13]

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