Selection of an Enantioselective Process for the Preparation of a CGRP Receptor Inhibitor
Two routes to the chiral indazolyl amino ester subunit were developed - either a Rh-catalyzed asymmetric hydrogenation or a biocatalytic process to install the single chiral center. The advantages and disadvantages of each process route are discussed.
Unit Operation: Reaction
Objective: Design
Company: BMS
Source: Org. Process Res. Dev., - Volume 16, Issue 12, Pages 1877-2064
Authors: William A. Nugent (BMS), Qi Gao (BMS), Daniel Hsieh (BMS), Ronald L. Hanson (BMS), William L. Parker (BMS), Rodney L. Parsons (BMS), Jun Li (BMS), Dong Lin (BMS), R. Brent Nielsen (BMS), Reginald O. Cann (BMS), Reginald O. Cann (BMS), Nathan P. Reising (BMS), Yadagiri Pendri (BMS), Sandra Quinlan (BMS), Brenda Remy (BMS), Justin Sausker (BMS), Xuebao Wang (BMS)
Publish Date: 21-Dec-2012
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