Kinetic and Scale-up Investigations of a Michael Addition in Microreactors
Process development using microreactors (PFR) for an exothermic Michael addition is presented using DynoChem tools. This includes consideration of the assumption of ideal plug flow, local mixing at the feed point and heat transfer.
Unit Operation: Reaction
Objective: Characterization, Design, Scale-Up
Company: Mannheim University of Applied Sciences
Source: Organic Process Research and Development 2014
Authors: Lahbib Abahmane (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences), Birgit Heikenwälder (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences), Norbert Kockmann (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences), Thorsten Röder (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences), Sebastian Schwolow (Mannheim University of Applied Sciences)
Publish Date: 14-Oct-2014
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