The Pharmaceutical Drying Unit Operation: An Industry Perspective on Advancing the Science and Development Approach for Scale-Up and Technology Transfer
The drying unit operation is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry, but often a lack of understanding of the impact of the drying process parameters on active pharmaceutical ingredient critical quality attributes can create challenges.
Unit Operation: Drying
Objective: Design
Company: Lilly
Source: Org. Process Res. Dev., 2017, 21 (3), pp 420–429
Authors: Edward W. Conder (Lilly), Andrew Cosbie (Lilly), Joshua D. Engstrom (Lilly), John Gaertner (Lilly), William Hicks (Lilly), Seth Huggins (Lilly), David J. Lamberto (Lilly), Claire S. MacLeod (Lilly), Charles D. Papageorgiou (Lilly), Brenda Remy (Lilly), Bing-Shiou Yang (Lilly)
Publish Date: 03-Feb-2017
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