IR and NMR Reaction Monitoring Techniques for Nucleophilic Addition Reactions: In Situ Monitoring of the Addition of Benzimidazole to a Pyridinium Salt
This study centers on the use of in situ FTIR spectroscopy and online NMR to study the nucleophilic addition of benzimidazole analogues to an N-methylpyridinium salt. The reaction consists of two stages.
Unit Operation: Reaction
Objective: Characterization, Kinetics
Company: Pfizer
Source: Org. Process Res. Dev., 2015, 19 (9), pp 1119–1127
Authors: Hugh J. Clarke (Pfizer), Michele T. Drexler (Pfizer), David A. Foley (Pfizer), Howard W. WardII (Pfizer)
Publish Date: 30-Mar-2015
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