Screwing NaBH4 through a Barrel without a Bang: A Kneaded Alternative to Fed-Batch Carbonyl Reductions
In this work the application of green chemistry principles such as process intensification and the replacement of reagents and solvents to more benign alternatives were coupled with the advantages of continuous manufacturing.
Unit Operation: Reaction
Objective: Modeling
Company: Institute of Chem. & Eng. Sciences, Singapore
Source: Org. Process Res. Dev., 2017, 21 (7), pp 992–1002
Authors: Valerio Isoni (Institute of Chem. & Eng. Sciences, Singapore), Eleen Lim (Institute of Chem. & Eng. Sciences, Singapore), Ken Mendoza (Institute of Chem. & Eng. Sciences, Singapore), Soo Khean Teoh (Institute of Chem. & Eng. Sciences, Singapore)
Publish Date: 22-Jul-2017
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