ReactNMR and ReactIR as Reaction Monitoring and Mechanistic Elucidation Tools: The NCS Mediated Cascade Reaction of α-Thioamides to α-Thio-β-chloroacrylamides
On-flow ReactIR and 1H NMR reaction monitoring, coupled with in situ intermediate characterization, was used to aid in the mechanistic elucidation of the N-chlorosuccinimide mediated transformation of an α-thioamide.
Unit Operation: Reaction
Objective: Characterization
Company: Lilly
Source: J. Org. Chem., 2011, 76 (23), pp 9630–9640
Authors: Jonas Y. Buser (Lilly), Stuart G. Collins (Lilly), Christopher W. Doecke (Lilly), David A. Foley (Lilly), Andreas Kaerner (Lilly), Marie Kissane (Lilly), Anita R. Maguire (Lilly), Linda Murphy (Lilly)
Publish Date: 26-Oct-2011
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