Mechanisms of the Thermal and Catalytic Redistributions, Oligomerizations, and Polymerizations of Linear Diborazanes
Linear diborazanes R3N–BH2–NR2–BH3 (R = alkyl or H) are often implicated as key intermediates in the dehydrocoupling/dehydrogenation of amine-boranes to form oligo- and polyaminoboranes.
Unit Operation: Process
Objective: General
Company: Aachen University, University of Bristol
Source: J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2013, 135 (34), pp 12670–12683
Authors: Mairi F. Haddow (University of Bristol), Holger Helten (Aachen University), Titel Jurca (University of Bristol), Erin M. Leitao (University of Bristol), Guy C. Lloyd-Jones (University of Bristol), Ian Manners (University of Bristol), Alasdair P. M. Robertson (University of Bristol)
Publish Date: 13-Aug-2013
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