Process Development of a Suzuki Reaction used in the Manufacture of Lanabecestat
We have developed a scalable Suzuki process towards the synthesis of lanabecestat (+)-camsylate, an active pharmaceutical ingredient that was recently investigated in a Phase III clinical program for the treatment of early Alzheimer’s Disease.
Unit Operation: Crystallization, Process
Objective: Scale-Up
Company: AstraZeneca
Source: Org. Process Res. Dev.
Authors: Sahar Abbas (AstraZeneca), Ian W. Ashworth (AstraZeneca), Andrew D. Campbell (AstraZeneca), Janette H. Cherryman (AstraZeneca), Jemma Clark (AstraZeneca), Alex Crampton (AstraZeneca), Edward Eden-Rump (AstraZeneca), Matthew Evans (AstraZeneca), Phillip Inglesby (AstraZeneca), Martin F. Jones (AstraZeneca), Rebecca E. Meadows (AstraZeneca), Kathryn Skilling (AstraZeneca), David Whittaker (AstraZeneca), Robert Woodward (AstraZeneca)
Publish Date: 07-Nov-2018
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