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Big Pharma

DynoChem has been used in Big Pharma for over a decade. Companies deploy the software at R&D sites and Primary Manufacturing facilities globally for routine use by scientists and engineers to help facilitate key corporate objectives.

Roll-out of the software is controlled by each company and its adoption is assisted by on-site training, technical user support on projects, regional user group meetings and targeted application webinars.

In addition, tools are provided for companies to develop their own template models, implement multi-site equipment databases and also train in-house experts.

If you are working for a major pharma company and want to know if DynoChem can benefit you, contact us to find out if you already have a global license and learn how your organisation is using DynoChem.

Want to Know More?

For more information or to discuss how a Pilot Study can get you started, please contact us:

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Selected Customer Publications

"Application of DynoChem in Process Development and Commercialization", Merck (2013)

"Crystallisation Improvement Driven by DynoChem Process Modelling", Pfizer (2011)

"DynoChem Modeling for API Process Development", Abbott (2011)

"Reaction Kinetics as a Tool to Underpin Control Strategy", GSK (2011)

"Thermal Scale-up – Vessel Characterization and Reaction Modelling with DynoChem", Roche (2011)