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Speciality Chemicals

DynoChem has many users outside its pharmaceutical core: in agrochemicals, speciality chemicals and fine chemicals.

Many of these companies add DynoChem to their existing toolkits as they find value in the easy-to-learn interface for roll-out to non-expert modellers, the specialist mixing and heat transfer utilities and the extensibility of DynoChem from simple applications to multi-phase systems with complex kinetics and process control.

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Relevant Customer Publications

"Modeling and Optimizing Adiabatic Multiphase, Multisolid Reaction Systems with DynoChem", Monsanto (2007)

"Dynamic Modelling for Batch Process Simulation: A Case Study and Software Tool Development", Syngenta (2002)

"Using DynoChem to Reduce Batch Cycle Time in a Gas-Liquid Reaction and Commissioning a New Unit" Rohm & Haas (2007)

"Optimizing a Multiphase Reaction Using DynoChem", Makhteshim (2007)