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IT Deployment and Support

A full set of downloads, installation instructions and documentation is provided on the DynoChem IT Resources web site.

The DynoChem application may be installed on any number of computers at a customer's designated site(s). We provide tools and advice on how best to distribute DynoChem to a large number of users, e.g. via a packaged or scripted install, inclusion on an image or by using our MSI editor for rapid configuration.

No dongles or other hardware are required for DynoChem licensing. A Windows service called Sentinel RMS License Manager is installed for network deployments of the software. At any one time, the license manager provides licenses up to the limit of the number of concurrent users defined in the license. It also provides users with access to other licensing functions such as the ability to "check-out a commuter license" so that the software can be used off-network.

The license manager log records all transactions with users, ensuring transparency in assessing actual usage levels of the software.

Want to Know More?

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DynoChem IT Resources

DynoChem IT Resources

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