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Robust Tech Transfer Packages

Robust packages for up-scaling and tech transfer help ensure that pilot trials are completed in the window available, scale-up to manufacturing works right-first-time and that outsourcing production is successful.

DynoChem models become part of the tech transfer package and scale-up discussion. Users are confident of scale-up and tech transfer success as they are able to make the correct equipment choices and identify suitable operating conditions.

  • DynoChem models contain data and scale-up information to achieve Key Performance Indicators
  • DynoChem Heat Transfer and Mixing Utilities are developed for performance comparison between vessels

What our users say:
"The tool is used for a wide range of vessel sizes (40 to 10,000 L). The thermal scale-up simulation is used prior to production to identify the "right" reactor and to define dosing rates and cooling temperature to ensure process safety and product quality during production."

Want to Know More?

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