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Crystallization Scientist

Being able to predict the onset of crystallization can be key to controlling crystal size, to enhance separation, purification and product performance. DynoChem will predict when supersaturation crosses the metastable zone and the onset of crystallization in both seeded and unseeded cases. This enables better control of the crystallization process to promote the size and morphology of crystals you want.

Users apply DynoChem on all types of crystallization. DynoChem provides users with physical property tools, data analysis tools, fitting algorithms and ready-to-customise template models.

For example, a user recently presented a case or a re-crystallization, where Specific Surface Area (SSA) was the target physical property. Using DynoChem's fitting module they were able to back out kinetics of crystallization from solubility data and perform in-silico DoE simulations to study:

  • Seed loading
  • Seeding time
  • Aging time
  • Cooling rate
  • Effect of water content on solubility

From these simulations they were quickly able to verify with lab experiments conditions that provided the best SSA for their crystal.

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