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Pilot Plant/Tech Transfer Engineer

Receiving the necessary information from development colleagues to ensure pilot plant campaigns and transfer to manufacturing is done right first time is the challenge.

DynoChem is a mechanism that enables key information to be transferred with the process. DynoChem utilities, physical property information and ready-to-edit models enable simulations of performance in the pilot plant and manufacturing reactors to be made.

For example, a user recently presented a case of a scale-up of a hydrogenation reaction. They used laboratory data and DynoChem modelling to compare performance in available stirred tank and Buss Loop reactors for safe and reliable scale-up of a highly exothermic API reaction step.

Using DynoChem they were able to predict the reaction end time, the cooling requirements and the hydrogen supply requirements, enabling them to select the best equipment for the process and scale-up safely.

In another example, a user recently presented a case where they used DynoChem to predict the appropriate dosing rate and jacket temperature to keep an amination reaction below their specified temperature of 10°C.

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