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Reaction Engineer

Working with a large number of reaction steps and subsequent workup and isolation stages to identify potential problems in scale-up to pilot plant for clinical trial campaigns, and potentially to full scale for manufacturing, requires tools for identifying potential risks and mitigating them.

DynoChem provides tools that enable Reaction Engineers to work with Process Development Scientists to understand the API synthesis and identify issues that may 'spoil the chemistry' on scale. A wide range of ready-to-edit template models, physical property tools and mixing and heat transfer utilities are available to be applied rapidly to new projects.

For example, a user recently presented a case where they used DynoChem on a new API production in the lab, where the reaction time had been longer, the yield lower and the impurity level higher than expected.

They used DynoChem to identify conditions that would optimise the reaction conditions to provide a yield of 99%, shorten the time to End of Reaction and also minimise impurity formation. This was used to identify the reactor most suited to the operation and mixing requirements for successful scale-up.

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