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Safety Scientist

Almost all reaction steps will undergo calorimetry work to characterize their heat release profile. DynoChem provides users with the ability to quickly evaluate process hazards and determine the best strategies for running reactions on scale. Models can be used to archive and transfer safety study information and also to leverage process understanding for added value projects.

DynoChem is provided with template models for safety tests to help identify acceptable scale-up conditions in larger reactors. Safety tests are expensive in terms of time and material and data is often obtained that can be used in DynoChem beyond a safety evaluation to provide process understanding.

For example, a user recently presented a case of an exothermic reaction using ARC data. With the reaction kinetics and knowledge of the heat transfer capability of their vessel they were able to:

  • Implement a safe process on plant
  • Free up two vessels for value-added activities
  • Safely transfer the process to a new vessel in another plant
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